FirstLook LTA

A novel, fully disposable device that allows the user to provide LTA while intubating.

A Novel, Fully Disposable Device

Allows the user to provide LTA while intubating.  FIRSTLOOK LTA combines a low-profile nozzle with an LTA device capable of acting as an Endotracheal tube stylet.

One Step Intubation & LTA

The ability decreases the possibility of the user losing sight of the airway, and may reduce many of the risks associated with this otherwise beneficial procedural step. FIRSTLOOK LTA is designed to do this without introducing new procedural steps or new practitioner techniques or efforts, and is designed to be faster and easier to setup than standard LTA devices.

Conventional LTA

Requires prolonged direct laryngoscopy secondary to its 2-step intubation process.  The act of direct laryngoscopy places considerable stress on the patient.

Two Step Process

Extended and repeated direct laryngoscopy can increase edema, tissue trauma, bleeding, and secretions.  In a two-step process, the topical anesthetic applied during the first intubation, impairs the direct laryngoscopy view.

Single Intubation Step

A fully disposable device that can allow the user to apply LTA, and place the ETT, during a single intubation Step.

Act as Endotracheal Tube Stylet

FirstLook LTA combines a low-profile nozzle with an LTA device that also acts as an Endotracheal tube stylet.

ETT Adapter

The ETT adapter grips the ETT at the correct distance.

Malleable Stylet

Allows the user to conform the device to their preferred profile, and is compatible with video laryngoscopy.

Ergonomic Handle

Allows the user to control when the anesthetic is released.

Low Profile Nozzle

The nozzle’s short, blunt, bougie tip is designed to simplify insertion, minimize trauma during intubation, and reduce the risk of fracture associated with conventional LTA.

Disposable One Step Method

Is more compatible with OSHA guidelines and decreases risk of contaminating the area with respiratory secretions.

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